Based in Singapore, ITI trains artists who want to make original, impactful contemporary theatre.

Founded in 2000 by Singapore’s acclaimed theatre practitioners and thought leaders Kuo Pao Kun (1939 – 2002) and T. Sasitharan, ITI is a unique enterprise in theatre training, and social and cultural education.

The school is shaped by Pao Kun’s vision of intercultural learning that draws from a matrix of traditional theatre systems and modern theatre-making.

We offer a three-year, practice-based, professional actor training programme founded on a rigorous, intercultural learning methodology. The training encompasses exposure to a broad spectrum of cultures and languages, and immersion in traditional Asian theatre systems and contemporary theatre forms. Students are selected in competitive auditions held across Asia and beyond.

Through the years, ITI has produced exceptional, professional actors, directors and teachers who are in high demand in the performing arts, film and new media sectors.

As part of our research work, ITI organises the Asian Intercultural Conference, once every three years, to bring together leading theatre practitioners and academics from the world over to foster shared insights and conversations among peers.


Visit the ITI website for more about the training programme, faculty, alumni and events: iti.edu.sg

Asian Intercultural Conference 2023

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